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Heavy Haulage Mining & Quarry Transportation

There are around 2,000 active mines and quarries across the UK. The mining industry is vital to the UK economy, providing vast quantities of materials to be used in the construction of infrastructure and buildings, the generation of energy and many other essential services within the UK. The need for large plant is essential in the mining industry to filter, clean and distribute excavated materials.

Whether the work is being done above or below ground, there are numerous items of plant and heavy machinery used within the mining industries such as:

  • Mining Drills
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Cranes
  • Hiabs
  • Screeners                                                                        
  • Crushing equipment
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Material Handling Systems

At Doherty Heavy Haulage we have the skill and capability to work with static plant using our specialist modular, or standard equipment, to move small to large static equipment on or off site.

Our heavy lifting experts work closely with other companies who commission or decommission plant.

We can supply cranes, hiab and excavators.

Contact us today on 07825 650500 if you would like a hassle-free road transport service for heavy lifting machinery and plant.

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The rail industry is one of the major forms of transportation for goods around the world. The smooth-running of our railway services is essential in the operation of other sectors across the UK and nationwide. Dohertys understand the importance of the road transportation of heavy engines and trains. We pride ourselves on the movement of the rail industry heavy abnormal loads both on the main highway routes and in rural areas of the UK where additional challenges are to be expected.

With the popularity of steam engines and collectable trains, we are kept busy all year-round moving locomotives and carriages to and from privately owned railways, to and from galas and, in the winter season, ensuring the correct location for festive carriages.

We recently moved a carriage that was being sent for refurbishment, collecting it from Kent and delivering it safely to the restoration company in Basingstoke. The planning of this move involved extensive pre-move works to ensure the safety of the team and the equipment moved. Our special modified trailer enabled us to negotiate the tight lanes around the Kent countryside and gain access to the site with ease.

The team at Doherty Heavy Haulage have extensive skills and experience in working in the rail industry. Our drivers are all qualified and competent in moving heavy rail equipment.

Contact us today on 07825 650500 to book in a time to meet with our heavy haulage team

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Heavy Haulage Crane Transportation

Our heavy lifting experts work closely with large nationwide crane companies transporting mobile crane ballast and ancillary equipment throughout the UK. Our regular moves include mobile cranes, ballast, crawler cranes and tower cranes.

We understand the need to move plant in a timely manner to ensure it has arrived both safely and on time at its destination.

The movement of cranes requires specialist skill and knowledge to ensure the safety of personnel present and to ensure the safe loading and unloading of these abnormal loads.

We hold a Vehicle Special Order (VSO) Licence which allows us to move crane ballasts and ancillary items up to 100 tonnes. 

The four axle configuration of our tractor units, coupled with the five or six axle configuration of our trailers, gives us the ability to transport a wide range of crane equipment. The movement of crawler cranes makes up a large proportion of our work within the crane transportation sector. We can move crawler cranes complete or we can strip the crane into the various components (tracks, ballast, jibs, car body etc) and move over numerous loads. 

The need to build higher and higher on less and less land necessitates the use of more and more tower cranes. We can supply transport under the Construction & Use Regulations (44 tonne) to transport all parts of tower cranes.

We are happy to complete one-off deliveries or sit and wait, depending on customer requirements.

Contact our friendly heavy lifting expert team on 07825 650500 for the transportation of cranes or ancillary equipment.

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The UK Port industry is the second largest in Europe, handling over 500 million tonnes of freight every year. Hundreds of thousands of cargos are exported and imported weekly in the UK. Shippers and handling agents often require heavy haulage to load and unload cargo from the boats to the quayside or vice versa.

We can supply modular equipment within ports capable of moving loads of 200 tonnes plus.

We can also provide jacking and stool systems for loading and unloading vessels, eliminating the cost, space and risk of using mobile cranes within the port.

For more information and prices, please call our friendly heavy lifting expert team on 07825 650500 today.

Call: 07825 650500


With over 60 years of experience, Doherty Heavy Haulage are experts in transporting all types of heavy machinery, abnormal loads and oversized cargo nationwide. Our highly experienced team have the knowledge and skills to make the movement of your plant and cargo hassle free from start to finish.

We run a modern and versatile fleet leaving us fully able to meet all our customer requirements. As a family owned and operated business, Doherty Heavy Haulage are committed to ensuring we provide our customers with a service that is second to none in transporting oversized loads and cargo in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Doherty Heavy Haulage take pride in the work we have achieved over the years and look forward to the opportunity to establish new long-term relationships with new customers.

‘We are here to take the stress off you, call us today on 07825 650500’

The heavy haulage industry is a key aspect of the smooth running of the UK economy, from the construction of buildings, highways and railways, to the export and import of goods from other countries.

Our experience in the heavy haulage industry has afforded us close involvement with many sectors such as construction, railways and highways.

Our highly-equipped heavy goods vehicles and skilled drivers allow us to transport oversized loads and cargo throughout the UK with ease.

We can arrange the provision of specialist cranes to facilitate the loading and unloading of your heavy plant and machinery onto our specialist trailers, avoiding the need for customers to deal with various different suppliers to complete their move. Doherty Heavy Haulage can offer you a fully comprehensive package meaning that each move is hassle-free for you.

Call us today on 07825 650500 to get a quote and to book your haulage!

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Escort vehicles, also known as pilot vehicles, play a very important role in the safe transportation of abnormal loads, such as heavy plant, machinery and cargo. Our escort vehicles are vital in supporting our movements where the load may overhang the trailer bed or where the load may take up another lane on the motorway.

Escort vehicles will alert other road users to the fact that there is an oversized load en route ensuring they may take the necessary precautions to ensure safe passing.

Doherty Heavy Haulage run a fleet of modern escort vehicles which exceed the highways authority code of practice requirements. They are highly visible and fitted with two-way radios enabling a direct link to driver/banksman/steersman and the escort driver.

All our escort drivers are also experienced heavy haulage drivers themselves, giving us an extra edge and greater understanding when escorting abnormal loads.

Where escorting applies?

The general rule is that where the load is up to 4.3m wide and weighs up to 80,000kg, no escort is required. Where the load is over 4.3m but does not exceed 6.1m and weighs over 80,000kg but not over 150,000kg, private escort is required. A police escort is required where the load exceeds 6.1m and weighs over 150,000kg.

Our Escort Drivers

  • Are licenced HGV drivers themselves, with years of experience in the transport of abnormal loads
  • Are over 21 years old
  • Hold full UK Driving Licences
  • Are experienced in road safety
  • Are reliable and dependable